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Epox Box
Epox Box
EPDX BOX is a high-quality and tenacious epoxy resin. Its low viscosity allows penetration into very thin cracks. The low surface tension allows a better surface wettability, better adhesion and very low viscosity. The reactive thinner increases the Pot-Life as well as flexibility (impact resistance). Furthermore, it improves solvent resistance and resistance to acids. 

Other features : better filling power, less odour, less vapour pressure and potentially lower working risks. Very low-viscosity, 2-component filler (2:1) curning time approx. 16-24h. Due to curing agents such as aliphatic polyamine and polyamides, Epokitt is also used in civil engineering where a higher filling load is needed (flooring), in concrete reinforcement, for applications to inject into fissures, as structural adhesive. It can also be used to reinforce marble slabs, penetrating into the micro cracks, or welding fibreglass netting underneath the slab. On certain types of granite a wet look can be visible after application. 

Art No. : 22011, Description : Epox Box Part A,  Weight : 1 Kg.,      Pcs x Cr : 12
Art No. : 22012, Description : Epox Box Part B,  Weight : 500 gms., Pcs x Cr : 12

Colour : Light Transparent

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