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Shield + Pro
Shield + Pro
SHIELD + PRO is a Solvent based specialised anti stain & water Repellent treatment for internal and external use. Suitable for both polished and honed natural stone, lime stone, travertine, Slate, Marble and artificial conglomerate surfaces. Prevent stains such as oil, gr.., dirt, food & Moisture. No change in natural aspect of stone & does not form any film. 

Directions for use: Stone Surface must be clean and dry before Application. Apply product uniformly by spray or with brush. In circular movements. In case of excess material wipe of with clean cloth. Curing Time 24,8 hrs., depending on weather conditions.

Coverage per lit: 
High Porosity Stone 6-10 m2 
Medium Porosity Stone 10-20 m2 
Low Porosity Stone 20-30 m2 
Art No. Weight Pcs x Cr 
66011 1 Ltr. 66012 5 Ltr. 

Art No. : 66011, Weight : 1 Ltr., Pcs x Cr : 12
Art No. : 66012, Weight : 5 Ltr., Pcs x Cr : 2
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